Texture-Lobes for Tree Modelling

ACM Transactions on Graphics(Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2011)

Yotam Livny 1      Soeren Pirk 2      Zhanglin Cheng 1       Feilong Yan 1      Oliver Deussen 2       Daniel Cohen-Or 3       Baoquan Chen 1    

1Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
2University of Konstanz
3Tel Aviv University

                         a) photograph;                                  b) point set;          c) lobe-based representation with 24 lobes (22 kB in total);        d) synthesized tree (25 MB in total).

Figure 1:   Reconstruction of a scanned tree using our lobe-based tree representation.



We present a lobe-based tree representation for modeling trees. The new representation is based on the observation that the tree's foliage details can be abstracted into canonical geometry structures, termed lobe-textures. We introduce techniques to (i) approximate the geometry of given tree data and encode it into a lobe-based representation, (ii) decode the representation and synthesize a fully detailed tree model that visually resembles the input. The encoded tree serves as a light intermediate representation, which facilitates efficient storage and transmission of massive amount of trees, e.g., rom a server to clients for interactive applications in urban environments. The method is evaluated by both reconstructing laser scanned trees (given as point sets) as well as re-representing existing tree odels (given as polygons).



Figure 2:Several results of reconstructed trees: Bischofia polycarpa, Delonix..


Figure 3:Reconstruction of three tree models with special forms, the lobe-based representation adapts automatically to these situations..


Figure 4: A large scene shown in our interactive system. Thirty trees with the intermediate lobe-based representation (250kB) are synthesized on-the-fly into a total geometry of over 40M triangles, achieving 25 fps on a standard PC using NVidia GeForce GTX 480 graphics board.









We thank the anonymous reviewers and Yiorgos Chrysanthou for their valuable suggestions. This work was supported in part by NSFC under Grant Nos. 60902104, 61025012, 61003190, CAS "One Hundred Scholar"Program, CAS Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists, CAS Fellowship for Young International
Scientists, Shenzhen Science and Technology Foundation (JC201005270340A) , by the DFG Research Training Group GK- 1042 ”Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Spaces”, University of Konstanz, and by Israel Science Foundation.


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