1. Download the program [retargetingEXE.zip] and two input examples [twoInputExampleForRetargeting.zip].

1.1) Fig 1-a lists files that are contained in the "retargetingEXE.zip". The "retargeting.exe" is the retargeting program.
1.2) Fig 1-b lists files of the Akirov input example. The "akirovHierarchy.txt" is the hierarchy file.
1.3) Fig 1-c lists files of the Baisha input example.

Fig 1-a. retargetEXE.zip Fig 1-b. Akirov input Fig 1-c. Baisha input

2. Do retargeting from an obj input

The whole pipeline includes five steps:

a) preprocessing of the obj file, i.e., clear group information in the obj file;
b) partitioning: partitioning the input 3D model into a set of axis-aligned boxes, forming the structural elements to be further proceeded.
c) grouping: construct the hierarchy by grouping adjacent elements together so that a desired retargeting behaviour can be applied on them.
d) tagging: associate each box in the hierarchy with a retargeting behaviour (Repeated/Scaled/Fixed). Notice that, they are different for different retargeting axis (X/Y/Z). All boxes have the default retargeting behaviors S.
e) retargeting: after an offline analysis, the online retargeting can be done by drag and drop of the bounding box of the model.

Here is a real time video.

2.1 Clear initial group information in obj file

Fig 2.1-a. The input model Fig 2.1-b. click the merge button Fig 2.1-c. there is only one group after merging

2.2 Partition the input model into axis-aligned boxes

Fig 2.2-a. switch to partitioning mode Fig 2.2-b. disable camera and do partitioning by draw scribbles Fig 2.2-c. after a partitioning

2.3 Construct hierarchy by grouping

Fig 2.3-a. switch to grouping and generate boxes at the finest-level Fig 2.3-b select boxes to be grouped Fig 2.3-c. do grouping by pressing "g"

2.4 tag boxes with retargeting behavior

Fig 2.4-a. tagging for Z dimension Fig 2.4-b. tagging for X dimension Fig 2.4-c. tagging for Y dimension

2.5 retargeting

Fig 2.5-a. offline analysis Fig 2.5-b. select viewpoint
Fig 2.5-c. drag a face Fig 2.5-d. drop the face

3. Do retargeting from an obj and an existing hierarchy

There are four steps:
a) open obj file;
b) open hierarchy file;
c) swtich to retargeting mode by click the "Ret" button in the toolbar
d) now you start retargeting (see section 2.5).