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From Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to Shenzhen:
Option 1: Coach Services
Coach services are available at the Mainland Coach Station of Terminal 2 at HKIA. Regular services depart from the airport between 0700 and 2300 to Shenzhen Huanggang port or Shenzhen bay port.
Option 2:SKYLIMO
SKYLIMO services are available 07:00 - 24:00 every day .
By Bus:
Routes: 122  237  36  43  6 express  6 74 81 will bring you directly to SIAT, the bus stop named 中科院研究院(zhong ke yuan yan jiu yuan)or 塘朗村口(tang lang chun kou).
From Shenzhen International Airport to SIAT :
Option 1:
        Airport Express 8 (To Shenzhen Bay Port 深圳湾口岸):   
        Depart Stop Bao An Airport(宝安机场)
        Arrive Stop Helicopter Airport(直升机场)
        Change route 74To Chang Yuan Village(长源村):
        Depart Stop Helicopter Airport(直升机场)
        Arrive Stop SIAT (中科院研究院)or Tanglang village (塘朗村口)
Option 2:
        Airport Express 2 To Railway Station火车站方向: 
        Depart Stop Bao An Airport(宝安机场)
        Arrive Stop Shenzhen University (深圳大学)
        Change route 74To Chanyuan Village长源村方向:
        Depart Stop Shenzhen University (深圳大学)
        Arrive Stop SIAT (中科院研究院)or Tanglang village (塘朗村口)
 If you come from airport, especially with large luggage, we recommend you to take a taxi. It normally costs 70-100 yuan (exclude additional express way fee-around 10-15 yuan).
From Luo Hu Railway Station (Luo Hu port) to SIAT :         
Option 1:
       Metro-Line 1To Window of the World 世界之窗方向:
       Depart Stop Luo Hu (罗湖)
       Arrive Stop Window of the World (世界之窗) (take exit D2 or C1)
       Change route 43To Fuguang Village 福光村方向
       Depart Stop Window of the World (世界之窗)
       Arrive Stop SIAT (中科院研究院)or Tanglang village (塘朗村口)
Option 2:
       Airport Express 2 To Bao An International Airport 宝安机场方向
       Depart Stop Railway Station (火车站)
       Arrive Stop Shenzhen University (深圳大学)
       Change route 74To Chanyuan Village长源村方向
       Depart Stop Shenzhen University (深圳大学)
       Arrive Stop SIAT (中科院研究院)or Tanglang village(塘朗村口)

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